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Knowledge is no longer a privilege. The Knowledge Network (K.Net) established by Mindlogicx is a platform for networking various knowledge resources and provide the same to the users as “on demand” service.


The Knowledge Partners of GradFirst are the institutions, individuals and organizations having domain expertise for various skill enhancement programs provided through the Online Finishing School. The content provided by the Knowledge Partners is as per the industry requirements and assist the students to upgrade and make themselves “Job Ready”.


The business model is to create global knowledge repository and take the knowledge to the needy across the country and cater to the fast growing knowledge economy of the country. The business model is to convert the human population into human potential and make them become knowledgeable in the areas of their expertise.


K.Net is powered by VEDAS, the world’s first intelligent technology platform for distributed learning and assessment. The Knowledge Partners are able to provide rare and precious knowledge resources through the VEDAS platform and the same is delivered to the desktop of the users, who are spread across the globe.

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